We have free onsite parking and disabled access, toilets and also a ladies weights area.

Please take a look below at our equipment available to use at both the studio and The Unit.

Jo's Fitness Studio Equipment

13 Spin bikes

weighted gloves



punch bag/kick pads

punch pads and gloves

pull up bar

steps and mats

battle ropes

wall blass

ab roll out

slam balls

skipping ropes

bosu balls

THE UNIT Equipment


Cross trainer

Con2 Rowing machine

Assault bike

Smith machine

Lat pull down

seated row

Seated leg press 

45-degree hack squat plate loaded

45-degree laying leg press plate loaded

seated Hamstring curl

seated Leg curl

Preacher curl

Olympic lifting station

Olympic bars

Olympic ladies bars

Olympic plates and bumper plates

Cable cross over

Pull up bars

3 Squat racks


fixed Barbells

Incline bench

Flat bench

Back extension

T- bar row